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Friday, May 16, 2008



1) YUWIE (It's paying it's members from the Summer 2007. 639,419 members by today. Friendly people. For more informations check some privious blogs of mine.)

2) ZENZUU (They've just started. They are prommising 80% of the money that will earn from advertisements - which is very good. A lot of people have allready build their downlines, a lot of people there is seeking Business. Marketplace is comming soon.)

3) APSENSE (This is a business social network, where one can promote business (by blogs, groups...) and get paid for it, referr friends, build downline You can see your earnings imediately. Launched 12.6.2007)

4) LAZZEO (You can promote there freely- java script, HTML, free to join, if you want to earn even more you can upgrade your account and get bigger share of the advertising share.)

5) CLEANWATERCHALLENGE (They pay you for different activities, a part of the money you make they donate for water. You can hear daily news here, get paid to be active, they are allso offering some online jobs for members. Maybe they are not so well organised as the first three social networks I wrote.)

6) GIZTER (You can have a similar site to Myspace. You can join groups, writte blogs... People are friendly. But maybe technicly not so good - They are changing a menegement so They will put some chenges and make the wholle thing better.

7) WOWZZA (You need a referral link to sign up Wowzza. To start looking for referrals, promoting you have to pay a fee.)

8) MYLOT (I'm not using it very often so check it out for yourself)

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