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Friday, May 2, 2008



Yuwie take the revenue they make from advertisers and then they pay a percentage of that back to it’s users. For a full description, watch yuwie introduction videos:


The RSR (revenue sharing rate) determines how much the users get paid.

What is the RSR?

The RSR (revenue sharing rate) determines how much the users get paid. Here's how it works. After each month, a report will be generated in your earnings area. It will show exactly how many views your referral tree accumulated on each level. It will also show your earnings for each level. Here's the actual calculation:

RSR x (Page Views/1000) x Level Percentage = Your Earnings

The percentages at each level are:

Your Level 10%
Level 1 10%
Level 2 10%
Level 3 4%
Level 4 4%
Level 5 4%
Level 6 4%
Level 7 4%
Level 8 10%
Level 9 10%
Level 10 30%

What do we have to do in order to make money?

Yuwie pays us to be active, and a great portion of our money is generated by our referral’s page views as well as our own.


Yuwie will mail you a check or pay via Paypal.

set up an account with paypal if you don’t have an account yet It’s free and it’s the prefered way to for the payment from the Yuwie.

Just click on this link
Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

1. You have to have a minimum of $25 before you can get paid by check, and $5 minimum to get paid through Paypal. With check there is $1 processing fees that you have to pay, so it’s best to get paypal account. ÿ

2. Yuwie pays net 60 which means you will get your earnings around 3 months after it has been requested. (Yuwie has to collect from advertisers before they can pay you)

3. If you didn’t earn enough to get a check this month, your earnings will be rolled into next month.Your earning all depend on the number of people you refer. The more referrals = more earnings! It has 10 levels and in time your ‘team’ will grow! ÿ


When any logged in member views any of these pages, it counts as 1 page view for you:

1. your profile page
2. your blog pages
3. view all your friends
4. view all your comments
5. your picture pages
6. if someone views one of your shared layouts

When you view any of these pages, it counts as 1 page view.

1. any of your control panel pages, including but not limited to: settings, messaging, friends, referrals, favorites, etc.

The following does not count as a page view:

1. Refreshing/reloading a page
2. Any page that’s viewed within 3 seconds of the last page doesn’t count
3. Any view from a ‘guest’ or non logged in visitor.

Random Referrals

Some of you have expressed concern over the fact that new users can sign up unreferred. Well, not anymore. Effective immediately, any new user that signs up unreferred will automatically be assigned to an existing member. What determines who gets this new member? There are 3 qualifications that have to be meet before we pick an account to assign the new member to:

  1. You have to have been a member for more than 30 days.
  2. You have to have been online in the last hour.
  3. You can only receive 1 random referral per day.

The system will randomly pull a userID from all accounts that meet these 3 requirements and assign the new member to your level 1.

Things you need to know:

  1. All assignments are random, you may never get a random referral.
  2. These assigned members may be studs or duds. They may refer 100s of people, or they may delete their account in 10 minutes. Either way, we will not assign you a different referral.
  3. You will receive a message when you receive one of these random referrals.
  4. The more you're online, the better your chances are to get a random referral.

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